Tootie Cole Listen God Wants You to Live - CD
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Job 16:5 (AMP)
... I would strengthen and encourage you with the words of my mouth, and the consolation of my lips would soothe your suffering.

This space was created for You!

Sometimes our journey in life can be difficult because of things going on around us or things happening to us. Here, you can read stories of those who have triumphed over difficult situations with the guidance of the Lord. You may also read encouraging stories of those who are currently struggling in areas but have found the strength in God to share their story in faith, knowing that things will get better.

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God Will Answer

I think the music is sweeter because you sing so much from your heart, Tootie ... a heart that's very much the heart of Jesus! Every song speaks volumes to me. I'm sending it to a friend of mine whose nephew (21-22 years old) has cancer again. He's been pondering whether or not it's God's will for him to continue with his chemo treatments or do something else, and he's totally surrendered to God's will ... whatever it is. I'd just read the email of which my friend shared this news and requested prayer for him the same morning that you laid this CD on my desk, Tootie. As I read the cover, I thought immediately of him, and I believed this to be God's answer to his question. I felt even more strongly so after I'd heard the title song. I cried tears of joy on the way home for from lunch that day as I listened and thought of how incredible our God is that He answers us so plainly and that He DOES want us to live! Just thinking of it now, tears are streaming down my face.

Raleigh, NC